Myra Döhner

I just can agree with Sian and Esther! The fitting is perfect and it is a great feeling to dance in it.

The communication was fantastic, so I get my own dress!

LOVE IT !!! Myra


Sian Witherden

I was glad to write something about the dress, it's fantastic! Here it is:

My dress fits perfectly and is extremely comfortable; when I dance the dress feels light and makes me feel amazing! The dress turned out exactly* *the way I wanted it, and it was great to have so much input and control over what I wanted. I wouldn’t change a single thing about it, it’s perfect! Hope this is good! Sian x


Esther van der Burg

I was the first dancer to have an original Burgdesign Dress. I can honestly say I LOVE IT. The feeling is excellent and the form and material are super. I just love dancing in it, it makes me feel special. I have nearly outgrown my dress now and I am looking forward to being involved in the process of designing and making the new dress. Esther