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Just some examples of BurgDesign dresses and (happy) dancers

2011 dresses


works for blonds and brunettes                                       without and with bling   (last photo by Feispix)

2010 dresses


Patricia's dress (Design by Robert Gabriel), detail center panel skirt and cape

Mira in her brandnew dress (see also comments)


Esther in her new dress in München


Three Happy dancers in BurgDesign dresses at the 2008 Mainland Europe Championship

Emma and Annika


The Mandarin, front and back

The Elf, front and back

The Blue Princes and The Butterfly

Two of the 'BurgDesign' dresses worn by competitors in Dachau 2007

The Butterfly, with trophy's and hard cape

Butterfly dress

The Blue Princess with hard cape and soft cape

In co-operation with Lowland Design

The Horses with trophy and soft cape

- - - - -- - Mirrored Horses - - - - Mirrored Horses in action -